Volume 76 Publication Decisions

The Louisiana Law Review is pleased to announce the students who have received offers for publication in Volume 76 of the Louisiana Law Review. Please join us in congratulating the authors for their hard work and outstanding contribution to academic writing:

(1) Kristen Amond, Equalizing the Threat of Overly Broad Noncompete Agreements: Solutions Beyond Louisiana’s Entangled Web of Nullity;
(2) Taylor Boudreaux, Shutting In a Levee Board’s Energy Industry Lawsuit: Problems Posed by Stripping a Pending Suit Against Ninety-Seven Oil and Gas Companies;
(3) Thomas Bourgeois, Mirror, Mirror: Amending Louisiana’s LLC Statutes Related to Personal Liability of Members to Match Corporate Counterparts After Ogea v. Merritt;
(4) Lauren Bradberry, Putting the House Back Together Again: The Scope of Copyright Protection for Architectural Works;
(5) Taylor Crousillac, Offer at Your Own Risk: Why Louisiana Employers Who Withdraw an Offer of Employment May Find Themselves Liable Under Civil Code article 1967;
(6) Maxwell B. Kallenberger, Policing Nonprofit Organizations: Whose Responsibility Is It?;
(7) Mark Macmurdo, Hold the Phone! ‘Peer-to-Peer’ Ridesharing Services and Public Safety;
(8) Jacques Mestayer, Saving Sportsman’s Paradise: Article 450 and Declaring Ownership of Submerged Lands in Louisiana;
(9) Leah N. Neupert, A Court’s Guide on How to Gut Precedent by Relying on it: Halliburton II‘s Puzzling Effect on Securities-Fraud Class Actions;
(10) Lucas Self, Money in the Bank and Boots on the Ground: A Law-Policy Proposal to Make the Affordable Care Act Work in Louisiana;
(11) Parker Smith, Coping with the Death of the Bargain without Burying the Spirit of the Law: The “Unsociability” of Adhesion Contracts in Louisiana;
(12) Phillip M. Smith, A Watery Grave for Unseaworthiness Punitive Damages: McBride v. Estis Well Service, L.L.C.;
(13) Nathan Telep, Staying Out of Treble: A Comprehensive, Civilian Approach to the Louisiana Mineral Code’s Rules on Damages for Unpaid Royalties;
(14) Grant Tolbird, Death in the City: Gorman‘s Flawed Application of the Direct Action Statute to Insured Political Subdivisions;
(15) Brittanie Wagnon, From Wedding Bells to Working Women: Unmasking the Sexist Agenda Behind “Illicit Concubinage” in Louisiana’s Jurisprudence.