Junior Associates Selected for Publication in Volume 82 Announced!

The Louisiana Law Review Volume 81 Board of Editors is proud to announce the Junior Associates selected for publication in Volume 82. The decision process was extremely difficult this year because of the number of well-written student pieces.

Since 1938, the Louisiana Law Review has served as Louisiana’s flagship legal journal and has become a vibrant forum for scholarship in comparative and civil law topics. The Law Review currently ranks in the top 200 student-edited journals, and among the top 50 journals for the highest number of cases citing to a law review. Louisiana Law Review scholars have been recognized around the world for their contributions to both common and civil law doctrine. Publication with the Louisiana Law Review is an incredible honor, and we congratulate those selected for publication. 

Heidi Bieber – Leaving it up to Chance: Problems with the H-2B Statutory Cap on Visas

Madeleine Breaux – Omnipotent Doctrine of Law: The Ministerial Exception after Our Lady of Guadalupe School v. Morrissey-Berru

Andrew Chenevert – Tipping the Cap to Practical and Equitable Considerations: Should the Fifth Circuit Apply 11 U.S.C. § 502(b)(6)’s Cap to Non-rent Damages?

Gabrielle Domangue – Permitting Gross Ups for Title VII Back Pay Awards: A Gross Tax Issue

Natalie Earles – The Great Escape: Exploring Chapter 11’s Allure to Mass Tort Defendants

Sara Grasch – Resolving Louisiana’s Precarious Position on the Sale of Movable Things by Precarious Possessors

Olivia Guidry ­– Res Judica-duh! The Preclusion Revolution: Does Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure Article 425 Operate as a Claim Preclusion Device that Allows Defendants to Avail Themselves of Judgments to Which They Were Not a Party?

Emma Looney – You Can Go Your Own Way: The Failings of Teague v. Lane and Why Louisiana Should Create Its Own Retroactivity Standard

Cullen McDonald ­– The Qui Tam Question: Proper Pleading Requirements for Relators Under the FCA

Victoria Montanio ­– Finally, Some Clarity: Why Statutory Withholding Orders are not Final Orders of Removal Under the Nasrallah v. Barr Analysis

Chaz Morgan – TOPSy-Turvy: The Taylor Opportunity Program for Students Homeschool Discrimination Contradiction

Brad Oster – Reigning In Regulatory Overreach: FERC’s Role In Bankruptcy

Harper Street – Breaking the Chains of a Habitually Draconian Penal System: An Examination of Louisiana’s Habitual Offender Statute with Recommendations for Continued Reform

Casey Thibodeaux – It’s What You Said and How You Said It: The NLRB’s Attempt to Separate Employee Misconduct from Protected Activity in General Motors LLC

Christopher Vidrine – The Zoom Paradox: Schrodinger’s Witness

Andrew Young – Enough with this B-S Standard: Resolving Louisiana Courts’ Problematic Application of a Burden-Shifting Standard in Slip-and-Fall Cases Against Medical Institutions