Volume 84 Junior Associates Announced!

The Louisiana Law Review Board of Editors and Senior Associates are proud to announce the 25 students selected to serve as Junior Associates for Volume 84.

The Volume 84 Junior Associates are:  

Ashton Austin

Grace Bordelon

Tyler Brewster

Kris Bromley

Patrick Calhoun

Kenli Conyers

Graham Core

Kaleb Delatte

Aidan Doughty

Jack Ducote

Madelyn Graves

Haley Grieshaber

Daniel Gunn

Blaine Jacob

Nathon Jagot

Gabriella Leccese

James LeDoux

Thomas Makie

Caleb O’Connell

Morgan Pilcher

Tara Roussel

Sarah Szwak

Susannah Theus

William Wood

Philip Young

Junior Associates Selected for Publication in Volume 84 Announced!

The Louisiana Law Review Volume 83 Board of Editors is proud to announce the Junior Associates selected for publication in Volume 84:

Haley Baker – Curing the Federal Infection: Restoring Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure Article 1915 to its Louisiana Form.  


Megan Broussard – The “Foreseeable Risk” of Chilling Dissent: Proposing First Amendment Limitations on the Scope of Negligent Protest Liability 


Matthew Clark – Use It or Lose It: Revising Louisiana’s Process to Establish Paternity


Zachary Crawford – Let’s Give Digital: How Louisiana’s Laws Governing Inter Vivos Donations are Unequipped to Handle the Growing Popularity of Digital Assets. 


Elise Diebold – ‘Til Death Do Us Part? Louisiana’s Inconsistent Approach to Divorce Litigation After a Decedent-Spouse’s Death  


Evan Gaudet – How a Correct Reading of Louisiana’s Comparative Fault Articles Will Spell Disaster for Louisiana Employers


Tyler Hays ­– Armed and Dangerous[ly Designed Products] – Defining Liability for Firearm Manufacturers Under the Louisiana Products Liability Act 


Tess Layton – Control, Alt, Delete: Understanding the Implications of Courts’ Current Interpretation of 17 U.S.C.§ 1202(b) 


Julien LeBlanc ­– Breaking a Piece from the Castle Wall: The Multi-Circuit Split Over § 230(e)(2) of the 

Communications Decency Act and its Expansion of Liability for Interactive Computer Services


Tyler LeBlanc ­– The Lost Ark of a Social Covenant: Progressing Social Covenants from Moral Commitments to Binding Agreements 


Nathan Long – Immunity for Me but Not for Thee: Confronting Louisiana’s Problems with Qualified Immunity for Law Enforcement Officers 


Tamra Manfredo– How to Make $1 Million in Thirty Seconds or Less: The Need for Regulations on Finfluencers


Caroline McCullars – Carbon Sequestration: A Pipedream or the Solution to Global Warming?


Trystan Melancon– An Un-flippable Switch: How Religious Organizations in Texas are Seeking Widespread Religious Exemptions to Title VII and Bostock’s Prohibition on LGBTQ+ Employment Discrimination 


James M. Truett – Congress, Tear Down this Educational Wall: The Biden Administration’s Unconstitutional Student Loan Cancellation Plan & Congress’ Responsibility to Address the Root Cause of the Student Loan Crisis 


Taylor Roos – Solving Louisiana’s Identity Crisis: Requiring Judicial Approval of Minors’ NIL Contracts

Louisiana Law Review Volume 84 Board Announced!

The Louisiana Law Review Volume 83 Board of Editors is proud to announce the Junior Associates selected to serve on the Volume 84 Board of Editors. The Volume 83 Board received excellent candidates for the Volume 84 Board, and we thank everyone who applied. Serving on the Louisiana Law Review Board of Editors is an incredible honor, and we wish the best of luck to the Volume 84 Board!



Julien LeBlanc


Managing Editor

Caroline McCullars


Articles Editors

Sydney Curtis

Brendan Cuti


Production Editors

Haley Baker

Tamra Manfredo


Online Editor

Nathan Long


Executive Senior Editor

Megan Broussard


Senior Editors

Tyler Hays

Joseph Kaiser

Tess Layton

Trystan Melancon

Taylor Roos

Sailing Into the Sunset? The Unified Gift and Estate Tax Lifetime Exemption, Set to Sunset and Revert to Pre-Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Levels in 2026, Says Otherwise

by Jack Aguillard


With the federal gift and estate tax lifetime exemption amount currently set to sunset and return to pre-Tax Cuts and Jobs Act levels in 2026,[1] tax and estate planning attorneys and other professionals are facing huge uncertainties. The gross estate threshold amount excluded from the estate tax will essentially be reduced by 50% from $10 million to $5 million.[2] However, these figures are indexed annually for inflation, so the current threshold amount in 2022 is $12.06 million.[3] Although these taxes affect a very small percentage of the American population—roughly only 0.2% of decedents paid the estate tax in recent years[4]—they still create big issues. Specifically, attorneys and advisors in this area will soon be forced to speculate as to whether Congress will revive the current lifetime exemption limit or allow it to sunset, reverting back to the pre-Tax Cuts and Jobs Act amount.

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Natalie Earles’ LLR Lagniappe article cited by Louisiana Supreme Court

We are thrilled to share that Natalie Earles’ Lousiana Law Review Lagniappe article, Stipulating Vicarious Liability to Avoid Direct Negligence Claims: Why This Relic of the Past Should be Abandoned in Louisiana, was cited this summer by the Louisiana Supreme Court in Martin v. Thomas. Read the Louisiana Supreme Court’s decision and Natalie’s article here: