Season 2, Episode 4: Holiday Edition

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Jack and Cam return after a long finals season; Bayou Barrister (Chris Ortte), Street Law with Tim Robinson, and C’mon Judge (Hunter Schoen) return during their break to update everyone on various aspects of the legal world.

Season 2, Episode 3: Are Traffic Cameras Legal? Ft. Mark Hill

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The Legal Ease is back to discuss the legality of Traffic Cameras with attorney Mark Hill. Tim Robinson discusses “Ballot Selfies” in “Street Law with Tim Robinson.” Hunter Schoen talks about a law clerk who decided she could not wait to be a judge in “C’mon Judge”. The “Bayou Barrister” returns.

Street Law with Tim Robinson
Ballot Selfies
Ballot Selfies Lawsuit

C’mon Judge!
Law Clerk wants to be a Judge
Complaint against Rhonda Crawford

Bayou Barrister
Synallagmatic — 1908
Simulation — 2025
Effects as to Third Persons — 2028

Traffic Cameras
Mayor Landrieu Announces Traffic Camera Increase
Traffic Cameras are a Municipal Moneymaking Scam — VICE
Sample Traffic Camera Ticket from Ohio


Season 2, Episode 2: Louisiana Floods ft. Professor Ed Richards

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The Legal Ease is back to discuss relevant legal issues surrounding the devastating floods that hit Louisiana with Professor Ed Richards. The Bayou Barrister makes a stop to discuss usufruct. Tim Robinson discusses a new house bill that could allow daily fantasy sports gaming in Louisiana. 4 student authors discuss their articles that will be released in Volume 77, issue 1 of the Louisiana Law Review.

Bayou Barrister
Usufruct – Art. 535
Naked Ownership – Art. 603
Usufruct of Surviving Spouse – Art. 890

Daily Fantasy Sports 
Legislative Bill Information
2016 Bill Text

C’mon Judge!
Punishments Following LSU Loss

Louisiana Floods
Professor Ed Richards’ Blog
Severity of the Flood
FEMA’s Flood Insurance Program
Suing the State for Flooding


Ep. 8 Medical Marijuana in Louisiana, Uber, and the State Budget

Show Description

Leah Neupert digs into the recent marijuana legislation in Louisiana and she interviews Senator Fred Mills about some finer points of the marijuana legislation he sponsored. Senator Eric Lafleur calls in to discuss the state budget with Taylor Boudreaux. Also, Lauren Brink talks about the Uber case in New Orleans.

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