Ep. 7 Hon. Beth Foote on Judge Recusal and Hon. Lee Rosenthal on FRCP Amendments

Alex and Taylor find out in this episode they they’re getting booted off the show. Lauren Brink stops by with another Current Events, this one about the Apple encryption cases in New York and California. This show also features two interviews with two federal judges. Judge Beth Foote from the Western District of Louisiana stops by at 17:26 to talk about judge recusal. After that, Judge Rosenthal from the Southern District of Texas stops by at 32:53 to give us an in-depth discussion of the amendments to the FRCP pertaining to discovery.

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Ep. 6 Hon. James Dennis Part 2: Personal History

This is Part 2 of the James Dennis interview where Taylor, Kristen, and Alex traveled down to New Orleans to interview Judge Dennis at the Federal Fifth Circuit. This interview covers his personal history from his meeting Edwin Edwards in the state legislature until the present. And at the end, he gives advice to young lawyers.

Also on this episode, we discuss binding religious arbitration agreements, and the effect that investigate documentaries—such as the Serial podcast and the wildly popular Making a Murderer on Netflix—has on the criminal justice system.

Ep. 5 Hon. James Dennis Part 1: Personal History—Enter The Young Turks

In this episode, Alex, Taylor, and Kristen traveled down to New Orleans to interview Judge Dennis at the Federal Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. This is Part 1 of that interview and in it, Judge Dennis speaks mostly about the first half of his legal career. Also on this episode: (1) the Hon. Lee Rosenthal discusses the recent amendments to discovery rules in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure; (2) Current Events with Lauren Brink discussing Louisiana’s Mardi Gras liability statute; and (3) Dean Corbett stops by to talk about the recent passing of Cheney Jo’.

For notes about the changes the Federal Rules on discovery and e-discovery, click here.

The Legal Ease Ep. 4 Prof. Randy Trahan: Boudreaux v. Cummings and Acquisitive Prescription

Prof. Trahan’s interview begins at 34:40.

In this episode, Kristen and Alex interview Prof. Randy Trahan about the recent and controversial case, Boudreaux v. Cummings, which may have altered Louisiana’s doctrine of acquisitive prescription. Also on this episode: (1) Current Events – discussing the recent case Louisiana concerning defunding Planned Parenthood with Lauren Brink; (2) C’mon Judge – detailing recent U.S. Supreme Court arbitration cases with Jacques Mestayer; (3) Prof. Aronson gets “Code Called” about immigration issues particular to Louisiana.

Ep. 3 Guy Holdridge, Skip Philips & Donald Price: 6 Things to Know About the New MSJ Article

In this episode, Taylor Boudreaux gets the scoop on the newly amended Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure Article 966 (Motion for Summary Judgment) from some of committee members who drafted the changes, and address the perspective of the changes from a judge’s, defense, and plaintiff’s point of view.

MSJ interview begins at 18:50.

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