Julien Petit

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Julien Petit
Senior Editor
Baton Rouge, La

What do you do as Senior Editor?
Work on substance edits for professional and student pieces that have been slated for publication. I also work with the junior associates and help them with the creation of their professional writing. My job also requires me to assist the other members of the board as needed if there are delays in production.

What has been your favorite class?
Federal Courts

What is the last thing you recorded on TV?
When was VHS still a thing?

What is your favorite book?
Enders Game or Dune

What is your favorite movie?
Star Wars

Do you collect anything?
Currently no, but when I was younger I had a penny collection.

If you had a warning label, what would it say?
Warning: May be more sarcastic then he appears.

You get to invite 3 individuals (living or dead) to dinner. Who are they and what would you talk about?
Harold Petit Sr., Karol Józef Wojtyła, and Ignatius Dematteo. Those three people had a lot of influence on decisions I made in my life. I would ask them advice on my decisions for the future, including subjects like being a father and faith.

What is one fact that everyone should know about you?
I just became a dad.

What do you prefer: the Civil Code or the Common Law?
No preference really