The Daily Reveille Writes Feature on the Legal Ease Podcast!

Hot off the presses! The Daily Reveille’s Katie Gagliano recently interviewed the members of the Legal Ease. The Legal Ease is a podcast from the Louisiana Law Review. Some segments from the article as well as a link appear below.

Third year law students Joe Cooper and Willie Walsh set up podcast equipment at the Paul M. Hebert Law Center on Sept. 6, 2017. Photo Credit, Kim Nguyen.

LSU law students’ podcast offers fun twist on legal issues

Grab your headphones, Tigers, because your new favorite podcast may be recorded just a stone’s throw from the Parade Ground.

The Legal Ease, a podcast produced by the University’s Paul M. Hebert Law Center’s Louisiana Law Review, is entering its third season with new host Willie Walsh and co-host Joe Cooper. The show includes academic discussions about current legal issues with a fun talk-show format that makes the material accessible for lay people and busy legal practitioners.

Founded in 2015, the podcast was the brainchild of LSU Law Center graduate Alex Robertson, now an attorney with Irwin, Fritchie, Urquhart and Moore in New Orleans. Robertson was a podcast enthusiast who pitched the idea while applying to be the Law Review’s online editor, the role now occupied by Walsh.

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Volume 78 Junior Associates Announced!

The Editorial Board of Volume 78 of the Louisiana Law Review is proud to announce and congratulate those students who have been accepted as Junior Associates for Volume 78. We received many excellent applications this year, and we would like to thank all of the students that applied. The following new Junior Associates have demonstrated great talent, and we look forward to working with them this upcoming year. Please join us in congratulating them on their efforts.

Volume 78 Junior Associates

David Albano

Brooke Bahlinger

Hayden Bigby

Casey Bordelon

Catherine Briley

Christine Colwell

Jourdan Curet

Sara Daniel

Justin DiCharia

Nena Eddy

Briana Falcon

Carmen Guidry

Bradley Guin

Christopher Handy

Milton Hernandez

Danielle Kinchen

Allena McCain

William Milburn

Thomas Naquin

Anna Reed

Mary Grace Richardson

Max Roberts

David Scotton

Josie Seringe

Kyle Townsley

Law Review Members Make LSU Law History!

Congratulations to newly appointed Volume 78 Articles Editor Sarah Nickel and Volume 78 Senior Associate and newly-elected SBA President Sara Kuebel for winning the Robert Lee Tullis Moot Court Competition and helping make LSU Law history!

Sarah Nickel (right) and Sara Kuebel (left) with their Championship Cups

Winning LSU Law’s internal trial competitions brings an air of prestige and accomplishment to students. But with their victories in the Fall 2016 semester, Robert Lee Tullis Moot Court winners Sara Kuebel and Sarah Nickel and Ira S. Flory Mock Trial winners Caity Cline and Rome Gonsoulin also made history.

The victories marked the first time at LSU Law that all-female teams were victorious in the two competitions.

Teams of two males winning the Flory and Tullis trials were the norm in LSU Law’s past, and in recent school history, mixed male-female teams winners have become commonplace. This year, however, was a clean sweep for female law students.

It’s a milestone that the competitions’ winners are proud of achieving.

Kuebel and Nickel said they’re exploring the idea of doing more trial competitions during their 3L year, adding that these courtroom contests supplement their legal education at LSU.

“There’s no downside to putting yourself out there and doing it because it’s just a great learning experience,” Nickel said. “It builds up your confidence because you learn that it’s not the end of the world if you say, ‘um.’ Everything’s fine.”

And years after all four students have graduated and return to LSU Law for a class reunion, they know they have made history at the more than 110-year-old law school.

“If you look at all of the names on the moot court plaque that’s (outside the LSU Law Robinson Courtroom), it’s all men’s names,” Kuebel said. “So it’s going to be really cool to see the names of these two women, both of us memorialized at the Law Center.”

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Baton Rouge Business Report features The Legal Ease Podcast!

David Jacobs, of the Baton Rouge Business Report, recently interviewed the members of the Legal Ease. Quotes from the article and a link to the full article are below!

Jack Zeringue, left, and Cam Miller host an episode of “The Legal Ease,” a podcast created and operated by students from the LSU Law Center’s Louisiana Law Review. While podcasts have become wildly popular in other subjects, “The Legal Ease” is one of only a few operated by a law review journal, joining the likes of UCLA, Yale, Northwestern and Fordham. The podcast’s guests and hosts discuss legal issues and how they relate to Louisiana, as well as pertinent public affairs matters. Photography by Don Kadair

On a recent Monday morning at the LSU Law Center, third-year law students Jack Zeringue and Cam Miller are putting together the latest episode of “The Legal Ease,” the Louisiana Law Review podcast. They’re about to have an academic discussion about a technical legal issue, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a little fun.

“The Legal Ease” is in its second season. Zeringue and Miller say they want the show to be informative and entertaining for law students, academics and legal practitioners, while also shedding light upon legal topics in the news that interest the general public.

LSU Law Center graduate Alex Robertson suggested starting a podcast as part of his pitch to be the law review’s online editor for the 2015-2016 school year. Robertson, now an attorney with Irwin, Fritchie, Urquhart & Moore in New Orleans, is a fan of the medium, and he helped create podcasts as part his job with a web design firm before entering law school.

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