2018-2019 Symposium


2019 marks the 10th Anniversary of the law clinics at Louisiana State University. The clinics have had a substantial impact on the Law Center as well as reform of the legal system in Louisiana. The clinical programs at LSU provide students with a hands on experience that allows them to interact with clients, provide services to those who may not be able to afford it, and most importantly make a positive impact in the community. The focus of this symposium will address criminal justice reform in general and the influence that legal pedagogy can have on the reform of the criminal justice system.

In this Symposium, the LSU Law Center through the Louisiana Law Review, the LSU Law Clinics, and legal practitioners and scholars from across the country will gather to discuss and analyze these important, complex, controversial, and evolving legal issues. The Symposium features renowned scholars and academics, including Professor Doug Berman, Professor Fiona Doherty, Professor Andrea Armstrong, Professor Robert Mikos, Professor Michael Pinard, Professor Katherine Maris Mattes, Professor Aliza Kaplan, Professor Laura Cohen, Professor Danielle C. Jefferies, Professor Alex Kriet, and others, such as noted author and Professor Ekow Yankah. Professors and scholars from the Paul M. Hebert Law Center will moderate panels of these scholars and writers and assist us in addressing these issues.

Please join us as we explore criminal justice reform, the future of criminal justice reform, and the power clinical education programs can have on the reformation of the criminal justice system that is currently in place.

Panel 1: Clinical Education/Pedagogy and the Impact on Criminal Justice Reform

  • Fiona Doherty
  • Michael Pinard
  • Katherine Marris Mattes
  • Aliza Kaplan

Moderated by Professor Madalyn Wasilczuk

Panel 2: Drug Policy Reform and the Overall Impact on Criminal Justice Reform

  • Bruce Reilly
  • Professor Michael Malinowski
  • Alex Kreit

Moderated by Professor Raff Donelson

Panel 3: Prison Reform, Prisoner Rights, and Associated Policy Work

  • Andrea Armstrong
  • Laura Cohen
  • Danielle C. Jefferis
  • Nicole Godfrey

Moderated by Professor Lisa Avalos

Panel 4: Formerly Incarcerated Juvenile Offenders

Moderated by Professor Robert Lancaster

Panel 5: Call to Action: The Future of Prison Reform—National Movement of Criminal Justice Reform

  • Abbe Smith
  • Ekow Yankah
  • Betsy Ginsberg
  • Lila Meadows

Moderated by Professor Raymond Diamond


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